Student Union

Mekelle University Medical Student’s Association representative Habtamu Abeleneh is elected to be the president of the Ethiopian Medical Students Association /EMSA/ at the third general assembly of the association which was held in Addis Ababa concomitantly with the Africa Regional Meeting.

Habtamu is elected to be president of EMSA Ethiopia  for the term 2014. An official letter from the EMSA confirms that Habtamu is the first president elect out of Addis Ababa in two decades history of the association.

The association is made up of 10 local member associations of medical students from all over the country: EMSA - ADDIS ABABA, EMSA - HAWASSA, EMSA -ADAMA, EMSA - BAHIRDAR, EMSA - SAINT PAUL, EMSA - JIMMA, EMSA –ARBA MINCH, EMSA - GONDER, EMSA - MEKELLE   and EMSA -HARAMAYA.

The Ethiopian Medial Students Association is a student led legally registered and licensed association in accordance with the charities & societies Proclamation No624/2009 and folder No 2002.