Software Exhibition Takes Place in MIT

By: Mebrahten Gebremariam and Shishay Equar

Mekelle Institute of Technology (MIT) has organized a software exhibition on March 22nd 2019. According to Mr. Tuumay Assefa, Head of the Department of Information Technology and organizer of the event, the exhibition was meant to inspire students and staff who developed their respective software on various issues and problems of the community. “Creating an opportunity to learn from each other, is also another aim of the event,” he added.


The event was exhibited in an open air setting, particularly in the corridors of the old academic building of MIT complex; and was attended by staff and students of the MIT community as well as high-school students. A number of students who came from Hatsey Yohannes IV Preparatory School, Kalamino Special High School, Woldu Niguse Preparatory School, SOS international School as well as a group of students from some high schools in Hawzen have got the opportunity to visit and share experiences as well as briefings from each software developer.


According to Mr. Tuumay, 23 software projects were developed; some done in group while others individually. Out of which, 14 were developed by students and the rest 9 by academic staff members. “Totally, 42 students have participated in the software development projects,” Mr. Tuumay said, adding “And, this means a lot if we see it from the perspective of educational quality.”


Ms Yordanos Birhane, a 4th year student of the Information Technology department, who also exhibited her software project, entitled “Antenatal Care Registry System”, on her part said that the event is a rare of its kind and scale. Speaking of the value of embarking on such projects, Ms. Yordanos said, it has much to offer beyond enhancing the quality of education. “Almost all of the projects have been triggered by pressing problems of the community. So, if properly utilized, I believe that they have a great potential for alleviating many socio-economic problems of our people,” she added.


Similarly, Kidane Gebremedhin, a 5th year student of Information Technology department, who developed a software project entitled “Smart ID Card for Tigrai Regional State” said that his project idea was inspired by the lingering and enduring problem of processing and acquiring ID Cards. “The available system of acquiring ID Cards is not only traditional and time and energy waster,” he said, “but also has become a threat to our security for fraudulent ID Cards are mushrooming.” Therefore, “We need to digitize our ID card processing and acquiring system,” Kidane said.


Mr. Tuumay is of the view that the reason why they invited students from five secondary and preparatory schools is that they would be exposed to the software development projects run by their elder brothers and sisters so that they would dream for much better ones.


Selam Fitsum, a 12th grader from Woldu Nigus Secondary School, whom we met her vising, evidently described the software exhibition as “very helpful and inspiring.” According to Selam, she and her classmates have had attended a two-month computer training organized by Mekelle University and DOT-Ethiopia. “By then, we had managed to develop a webpage on bus station booking system,” she said, “and, now she got inspired by this software exhibition that we can continue and upgrade our project.”

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