Research & Community Services

Community service forms the core of our work at the University of Gondar. Initially established to address the health needs of local people, we have maintained and strengthened our connection and commitment to serving our community. As we look into the future we seek to spread this commitment and become the country’s leading societal problem solving university.

Every year we provide funding to encourage innovative and effective community interventions. Our faculties also have a long and proud tradition of providing essential medical, legal, technical and social services to the community. Alongside the work of the various academic units we also have a dedicated team of staff coordinating the University’s community services work.

Our community service agenda offers a holistic approach to resolving the needs of community and offering a range of needs led interventions. These include:

Capacity Building – of individuals, groups and/or organisations in the local community as well as staff in Research and Community Service
Direct Services – including specialist, short term, long term or one off interventions
Liaison - helping to link the community with necessary resources
Donations – providing funding/support to the community
Mobilizing – experts and technical support to address acute needs
Advocacy – supporting community efforts to obtain resources or change policy
Marketing – sharing experiences across different stakeholders
Organizing – working directly with existing leaders and community groups to stimulate action
Partnership – complementing local organizations in a joint effort
Consultancy Services – providing assistance to communities requesting specific advice or technical assistance