Peace Forum

Students of three Colleges at Mekelle University in collaboration with the student union and Ministry of Federal Affairs established Higher Education Institutions Peace Forum. The joint effort of the College of Law and Governance, College of Social Sciences and Languages, and the Colleges of Business and Economics led to the establishment.

 On the official launching cermoney of the PEACE FORUM, Ato Ababu Mekonen, conflict protection and management officer at the Ministry of Federal Affairs, Ato Ekubay Tefere and W/ro Medhin G/silassie from the Tigray Region conflict management Bureau and students and teachers of Mekelle University were in attendance.

Ato Ababu said that the establishment of the PEACE FORUM in higher education institutions would greatly support the students to avoid conflict by creating awareness and would help them create peaceful learning environment inside their campuses. He also recommended that students should keenly work to keep peace in the university.

By Bereket Hasen, and Birhane Tadesse, Students of Journalism and Communication