Goals and Objective


To fulfill its vision and mission, the department strives to achieve the following broad goals:

  • Produce the best and most motivated students to serve the nation and the world.

  • Solve the challenges of the community through R&D in Information Technology

  • Conduct disruptive R&D in Information Technology

  • Develop long-lasting partnerships with industrial and government agencies.

  • Achieve visibility with active participation in conferences and technical and community services.

  • Publish enduring scientific articles, papers, and books

  • Earn prestigious awards and recognition

General Objectives

  • To train well versed professionals who possess the right combination of IT knowledge and skills with adequate competence and who can contribute to the ICT transformation of the country.

  • To carry out IT research, development, and technology transfer activities in relevant thematic areas congruent to the needs of the country

  • To provide community & consultancy services

Specific Objectives

  • To understand complex computing problems and apply principles of computing and other relevant disciplines so as to provide solutions to problems.

  • To analyze, design, implement, test, and deploy computing based solutions so as to meet a given set of computing requirements of a given organization

  • To understand, apply, and contribute to the scientific, mathematical, and theoretical foundations on which information technologies are built

  • Able to understand the state of the art techniques, devices, software, protocols.

  • Proceeding in methodical approach to solve problems.

  • To provide implicit understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities

  • To enable graduates to explain and apply appropriate information technologies and employ appropriate methodologies to help individuals or organizations to achieve their goals

  • To enable graduates work as a team in addressing technical problems which may be encountered in their career or in their day to day activities

  • To engage students in research that offers optimal solutions to technical problems in the software industry, computer networks, web technologies & applications and other industrial sectors.

  • To enable graduates to communicate effectively with a range of audience about technical information

  • To enable graduates to plan and execute large scale IT projects

  • To offer community and consultancy services to various organizations