Graduate Profile -IT

Professionals with BSc degree in IT from MIT shall be able to:

  • Demonstrate the understanding of Information Technology fundamentals
  • Be able to conduct feasibility studies for developing new systems and tools and generate new ideas in information system design
  • Be able to define requirements of applications for various clients and write system programs.
  • Be able to design, construct, and/or implement information and knowledge-based systems,
  • Be able to design human-machine interactions and a diversity of simulation models, data-based systems,
  • Install, use and troubleshoot basic and complex computer  systems and tools used in Information Technology
  • Be able to design suitable and need-based models, and tools to upgrade existing software systems.
  • Be able to work as database and network administrators and supervise job performances of associate engineers and subordinates as well as oversee periodic maintenance projects of software products.
  • Be able to pursue graduate education in Information Technology related fields
  • Carry out scientific research, and effectively communicate findings.
  • Exhibit strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Exhibit apposite disposition towards science and technology to positively influence others.
  • Be able to teach Information Technology in colleges and universities.