Graduate Profile -CSE

A BSc graduate in Computer Science and Engineering should:

  • Develop effective ways to solve computing problems.
  • Design and construct computers and computer-based systems.
  • Design and implement of software.
  • Develop the best possible ways to store information in databases, send data over networks, and display complex images.
  • Devise new ways to use computers.
  • Apply knowledge of basic science, mathematics and engineering principles to solve computing and information processing problems.
  • Write correct and good programs.
  • Understand the relationship between hardware and software.
  • Understand the trade-offs in the design of hardware systems, software systems, processes and components.
  • Construct appropriate abstractions to manage complexity and to think creatively about new problems.
  • Use experimental methods on software systems by gathering data to improve the systems.
  • Understand the professional ethics and responsibilities of an engineer.
  • Understand the implications of contemporary computing and information processing issues relative to society.
  • Design and conduct experiments and to analyze and interpret data.