Research & Development(R & D)


Despite of the fact that MIT is a very young Institute, the professional activities of its faculties is quite encouraging. Three research papers produced by MIT faculty were presented in international conferences in Canada, China, and France.

Research papers authored and/or co-authored by MIT faculties and appeared in peer-reviewed journals or conference proceedings since 2007 are:

  • (a) Photovoltaic Systems Off-grid, Journal of UMAP, 28(1): 41–74 (2007),
  • (b) Automated Charge Controller Circuit for Off-grid Photo-voltaic Lighting Systems. IAIA Conf. Proc. (2007),
  • (c) Intelligent Off-grid Photovoltaic Supply Systems, WASET, 30: 141–145 (2008),
  • (d) Series Resonant-Based Ballast for Off-Grid Photovoltaic Supply Systems. Proc. International Conference on Sustainable Power Generation and Supply (IEEE Xplore, 2009),
  • (e) Ethiopia: Biotechnology for Development, Journal of Commercial Biotechnology (2009),
  • (f) Effects of Small Group Cooperative Learning Strategy on College Students’ Performance of Basic Mathematics, The Ethiopian Journal of Education, 31(1): 65 – 89 (2011),
  • (g) Border Gateway Routing Protocol Converging Time Analysis with Minimum Route Advertisement Information, Proc. Int. Con. on Information Processing (2010),
  • (h) Optimization of Intragrating Sensing Using Fiber Bragg Grating, IJEST (2011),
  • (i) Multipoint and Intragrating Sensing Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Grating, XXXV OSI Symposium (2011),
  • (j) Design and Optimization of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Parameters, Proc. Raman Memorial Conference (2011), and
  • (k) Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensor for Defense and industrial Applications, International Conference on Light (2011).

Moreover, these and other articles, including topics in science education, were presented in various local conferences.