Mekelle Institute of Technology – Mekelle University (MIT) was established in 1995 E.C with the vision of becoming a center of excellence in engineering , science, and technology. The institute has been playing a vital role in the realization of science and technology led national development by producing highly qualified engineering and scientists in the following five  disciplines :  (1) Chemical & Biological Engineering  (2) Computer Science and Engineering (3) Electronics and Communication Engineering (4) Electrical and Electronics Engineering  and (5) Information Technology (Engineering) , Our Institute is looking for outstanding students for the 2010 e.c academic year who intend to pursue their undergraduate studies in the above mentioned programs . The students will be selected based on their performance in:

  1. Institute entrance exam (English , Maths and aptitude)
  2. General school leaving certificate examinations ( EGSLCE) and
  3. Preparatory school transcript results.

 Now the institute invites students to register for the institute entrance exam. In order to register for entrance exam, the student must have completed preparatory school during 2009 e.c academic year with a minimum EGSLCE score of 400  for females  and 425  for males .  Eligible students are invited to register for the entrance exam:

  • In person at MIT or
  • Online using the institutes website, or
  • By calling to 0348409092 .

Date of  registration  August 21,2017- September 10,2017 Date of examination September 16,2017 Students are required to bring their ID card and preparatory school transcript  original & copy on the examination date . For more information:  contact us via 0348409092.  

                                             (the application is currently closed)

11 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. 1. Can you briefly tell us what are the institute intrance exam subjects you are giving,cause i can’t clearly understand the requirement you listed.
    2. In what time is the exam given in the examination day.

  2. dear gerie, what speech are you talking about? if you wanna to get feedback, you are requested only to ask your question properly.
    unless otherwise don’t be dumb moron
    MIT Student

  3. Dear MIT,
    We would like to have a confirmation screen displaying the details of accepted registration details. This will ensure that the registration went without problem. Sometimes the internet speed is too slow and there is no guarantee that data is fully transferred as intended. I would suggest to post a link having at least the registered student names and their corresponding exam centers.
    Many thanks for building the opportunity for the future technologists of our country!!

  4. The first department also have problem ,,,,do not kill certainly people also …. there is no in civil service. being human is enough for doing good for human. leave doing second mistake…….

    1. Dear Gebremaryam,
      Which department are you talking about and what is your point?
      what is this all being human …do good.. blabbering about? What second mistake?

      I hope you know what you are talking about.

  5. announce the exam date please.
    and I wents to know whether there is software engineering under engineering fields or not.

    1. The exam date is September 16,2017.

      There are Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology departments which are close to software engineering.

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