Who we are?

Mekelle Institute of Technology (MIT), located in the southern outskirts of Mekelle, was established in 2002 devoted exclusively to science and technology education and research. MIT strives to:

  • (a) assist the socio-economic development of Ethiopia by producing highly qualified workforce in science and technology,
  • (b) introduce modern science and technology through dedicated scholarship, R&D, and good public relations,
  • (c) efficiently transfer science and technology within a short period of time, and
  • (d) develop better tradition of executing higher education programs, adaptable to other institutions.

To realize this mission, MIT launched its first set of BSc degree programs in 2002 in four areas of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), namely: Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, and Information Technology. The programs are run by reputable Ethiopian and expatriate faculties. So far, graduates of MIT have shown extraordinary talent and expertise in their employment, attesting to the quality of education and training here. Federal education authorities are citing the curriculum of MIT as a model for other Information and Communication Technology programs elsewhere in the country. We are also learned that there is a massive national need for well-educated ICT personnel. Thus, MIT is making preliminary preparations towards beginning postgraduate programs in these fields.

MIT, as per its mission statement, is endeavoring to expand its efforts to further national economic development through innovations that use the latest scientific research and technologies. Successful accomplishments in its ICT programs promoted MIT to open Biotechnology Education and R&D Program in 2009/10. In fact, Biotechnology was identified as one of the priority fields of education and R&D during the inception of MIT. Moreover, the national need for the introduction and development of biotechnology education and R&D is getting impetus. For this purpose, a concept paper providing compelling rationales to introduce and develop modern biotechnology – as academic discipline and economic sector – in Ethiopia was prepared. The initiative was applauded by pertinent federal authorities, and teaching and research faculties of federal institutes. In the concept paper, the potentials of modern biotechnology to foster national development by supporting the various socioeconomic sectors – agriculture, health, environment, and industry/manufacturing – were provided in detail.

Beginning from last year 2013/14, MIT has been part of Mekelle University. Mekelle University is dedicated to provide quality education, research, and community services to meet the needs and aspirations of the Ethiopian peoples and the world at large. It is, thus, mandated to the:

  • (a) advancement of knowledge via research-based education, reliable and relevant research, and innovation and technology transfer;
  • (b) preparation of professionals fully equipped with the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes; and
  • (c) provision of tailor-made/need-based education, research, and community services to promote the economic growth and welfare of the Ethiopian people.